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Ever Note – is one of the most popular desktop applications, combining the feature of widely used feedback tools with advanced performance. But for many consumers to set the full feature is superfluous and Ever Note Sticky Notes with the same stable set to be easier without complicating or important. Ever Note this application can notaspin key users on the desktop so they are always visible. . Each note can be of different colors, which makes it easy to distinguish the records of the importance of urgent or different categories. All notes are automatically saved in the Evernote user account or Dropbox or Google Drive, which means they are not only stored safely, butAlso easy to access for any device. combinationsThe keys allow you to add edits or delete individual notes (function () {(“review app desktop desktop”);); Who are tough notes for? Although the Evernote main device is one of the most widely used applications for rich features, it means that many users have too high levels of feedback to complete their tasks. Evernote Sticky Notes uses a simple approach to managing important notes, and features are not entirely different from the main function, perfectly fulfilling its purpose without using the wrong source.

Evernote Sticky Notes