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GeoGebra is a complex mathematical application for those who study or work with arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and arithmetic.

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It is a very complex application that is strictly designed for those who feel comfortable with heavy mathematics, but the advantage GeoGebra offers for similar applications is that it contains several lists of objects that are dynamically connected. The idea is tointeract with geometric, algebraic and numerical representations. This can be done with points, vectors, lines, and cone divisions.

GeoGebra allows you to directly input and manipulate equations and coordinates, allowing you to follow the functions; works with sliders to adjust the parameters of the search; Find symbolic derivatives and use powerful commands like Root or Sequence.

Sudden mind

Complexitythe program is incomprehensible to new mathematical applications. It’s very difficult to know how to use it from scratch, but there are a few very detailed instructions to help you.

Not for the bad heart

GeoGebra is not a mathematical program for a faint heart, but if you need to regularly deal with arithmetic, geometry, algebra and calculation, it is very flexible.

The latest version of GeoGebra contains colors for Freehand functions likeand the ability to save 3D-view projections (unless the “Gray Scale and Green Green Channel” is deleted), the “Use Illumination” option for the 3D display (shadow deactivation) and the “Show All Objects” button for 3D – the screen.


The latest version of GeoGebra contains tangensiële feature unlimited power features as well as the ability to store projections for a 3D view (unless it’s gray and write the green channel)the “Use Illumination” for 3D view (shutter off) and the “Show All Objects” button for the 3D view.