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When Tony Lip, a bouncer from the neighborhood of Italy and the United States in the Bronx, he was hired by car Dr. Don Shirley, international photographer black piano, concert tour from the deep South To Manhattan, we must rely on the green book that lead to institution the few that are safe for African-Americans. Faced with racism and vulnerability, and the unexpected humanity and humour, they are forced to put aside differences to live and prosper in life’s journey.

The Pirates of working-class Italian-American becomes the driver of piano classical and Afro-American tour cities of southern u.s. 60.

Director: Peter Farley writers: Nick Vallelong, Bryan Hayes To rri

In 1962, Tony “Tony lip” Vallelonga, heavy bouncer, a job search and nightleg, which is closed for renovations. It seems like most promising to be the driver for African-American classical piano Don Shirley for a concert tour in the deep South. Although he is a hard working for the Negro, Tony admits his career and began his path and Negro motoristic Green Book, tourist guide for a safe journey on the separation apartheid in the United States. Together, the photographer is up snobby and bouncer brutality, works hard to match their views on life and values. However, a few witnesses to testify and to live with violence in America on the road, they find a new respect for the talent and heart to fight them together. In doing so, the nurpeted friendship and understanding that could change their lives.

Green Book 2018