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ISO to USB is a self-explanatory program that allows any USB storage device that an operating system using a CD or DVD player, you know how slow (and noisy!) the process. With ISO to USB, you can take an ISO-formatted disk image and image directly into the drive. The application is very simple with only a few options for the user (function () {(‘ Overview-App-Page-Desktop ‘);}); The main ISO-to-USB interface provides the user with a descent of the external units connected to the computer. You can choose to format the flash drive in FAT32, ExFAT or NTFS. Locate your ISO and ISO file to usb the era will make it decent, but ISO to USB froze our system by our bootable Flash drive. While the system is eventually resumed, it is a large and unacceptable error. We also want to have a partitioner integrated into the application to several large images, which articulate ISO to USB because of its simplicity and fast format, but to freeze the program of our computer while it is in use, is unacceptable.