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In an alternative version of Oakland, telemarketing Cassius Greene discovers a magical key to professional success and pushes it into a universe of greed.

Director: Boots Riley’s writer: Riley Boots stars: Lakijt Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Jermejn Fowler

The alternative version of Oakland Cassius Green has a calf job, noting that the commission paid a job as a black man in overwhelming white people on the phone. That changes when a veteran consultant “knows” his voice and can use the posture behind it to make it more attractive to customers. With a sharp accent strange, Cassiu’s success became, even as his peers formed an alliance to improve their miserable livelihoods. Even so, Cassius is encouraged to sell more moral loathing, but lucrative products and services, such as his relationship with his girlfriend and colleagues, will disappear. The realization of death, however, is emerging anew, for it is upside down in the midst of a foreign world and its sinister plans deny a condescending intolerance to create the perfect subordinate workforce with the help of Cassius.

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