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WWE pair 17 combines the story of the battle in a fight that hindered development of the WWE match than any other in the market. You will get a variety of different sports, from wrestler of multi Slugfests in back of the brawl, the establishment of your character or game as a WWE star. The order of play of the Micarir is to ensure that you submit your order from the good and bad of a war, and believed not only to win matches and win them.

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The gameplay in WWE 17 pair of improving articles at the end of the game. The important change is the new star rating that appears during matches; You need to have fun with the hosts of the war that alternated with time, instead of just spamming your best buy in completely until you have entered. Other features include side of ring responsible for the Manager and the ability to use the Pro cut MOSS you as dialog menu. If you want members of the showcase at 2 to 16, suffering because of the lack of the history of the volaEke.

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The fight with words, “Smark”-“first signs”-one of the viewers understand what print outs of and fighting outside of the world and a good game to watch. If you are, you will definitely enjoy a always remember they are the fighting and cinema in 17 pairs in the WWE.

It’s the end of the WWE pairs 15 PC, consoles first since October last year. Computer translation adds all content available for download to play in one package, which is very useful.But the delay between releases abuse request port?

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WWE Championship that probably knew the story behind the game. Trust game 2 with this Knowledge Center, there is a franchise that has renewed a long-awaiting overhaul. New Animations, the sound of voices and expressions of culture were central to this reconstruction needs.

Unfortunately, this is not what a fan of WWE. However, knowledge of the game in the 2 opinion illustrated (a project of the Office of the NBA AGAINST) giving the game in Poland and facelift, but left under Ling a mistake. As a result, it may be appropriate to qitoKo will not start the game. Now, do not think that the wrong way WWE couples are still 15 games and WWE pair 14, the problem is that the audience expects more.

However, the sections of the new list adds some new gameplay changes that could indicate the future reform guidance can take. Includes a mechanic of the grapple (usually only seen at the beginning of the battle) when you participate in a game of little stone paper Scher design. This was a relationship far more humbled and I should be faster than your opponent, make some of the close to find something of interest. Looks good if you happen to be a spectator, but as a player you are so caught up in the success that you miss the most in some oil and produce.

There is a business as usual. With difficulty, from the right, all of the counter sport mechanics as they endure a fan in the franchiseknow and love. Works well with the marriage opponents with building our own and control the tempo of the game.

It turns but there is no follow-up niEna take a long time to start to look at the problem. With its location, if you follow the steps, of the Super Star bobs around the awkwardness, of more than one opponent would fight many times to join the competition. Sometimes only one inconvenience, but if you went for a PIN but near another competition, the loss of my father.

My real complaint against WWE is a pair of 15 witnesses that are missing in this release over 2 to 14, or a copy of the original to.

2 14 work on a preaching you are 29 years old in WrestleMania 30 preparation with light. This year, this regime replaces two storylines of the rivalry: the xiningstorting degeneration, and Sina and the ejection of see-through punks. This is good if you are a friend of one of the characters, but the character of the conic games last year, will lead to a weakening of the solo. Fortunately, if you play alone, another game involves describing the work that takes you from the position of League development of NXT Vweight up a little.

Another way that was lost on few WWE15 is the creator of history. Although not in a depression, like me, see what made other people miss it (the residence of the dress by hand first).

That’s my last problem with the pair of WWE, 15 at the time, since this time, the story is very moving. Therefore, the charactersSome games, like trivial significance compared with now. Take Sézaro, and has a rating of 93 (one of the highest in the game), but being on the team of the tag with the children of Tyson. It’s a Plus that of CM Punk as they are still viewed by holding contests for Rei, this might become the last time he appeared in the WWE site.

A B + equipment

WWE 2K15s sin is wrong in the first half of a step. I suspect the contest fun with the connection last year and have more stamina in animations and patterns. This is the same game as last year-just look up. Well, maybe next year will continue to bring in the way games are beginning to look down. EsoIvakatakilakila new attack can go a long way to say the word life to characters that inspired the picture examples seen in the game of the year.

But maybe next year we can also see the House PC release in a more timely fashion. You are welcome?

WWE 2K17