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Link to the BlackBerry is the official BlackBerry app that connects your BlackBerry device 10 on your PC. It is like the BlackBerry Desktop software, but the link special BlackBerry manages all content of your phone and synchronize photos, music, videos and all type of files on your PC in WIFI and USB. The link of the blackBerry is compatible with Windows Media Player and itunes, sync music (function () {(“Review-App-page-desktop”);}); This BlackBerry Desktop program 10 also allows to backup the content on your phone and install new updates of software: BlackBerry connection will always warn new version is also very important Content, sync BlackBerry link is not complete on the content all of the old new BlackBerry BlackBerry 10. It really is a link to the latest Design which is compatible with the user interface of the BlackBerry flow 10. Web browsing is very easy thanks to the use of map and breakdown of things. To transfer items from your mobile device to your computer and back, all you need to do is drag a link toward the new BlackBerry Desktop software, the best and most practical surfaces. But remember the only BlackBerry works 10.

BlackBerry Link